About Me

Kim Yong Kyu (김용규)

I am a personal trainer based in Seoul, South Korea. 

I have had 5 years of experience in the fitness industry. On top of that, I have ranked and even won some national-level competitions. 

When I first started my fitness regime, I had weighed in at 125 kg. I’ve been through a transformative journey of my own and understand the challenges one faces when embarking on a workout and diet plan. And that’s the reason why I’m better suited than anyone else when it comes to helping individuals get into their best shape possible. 

Irregardless of your current body composition, fat to thin or anything in-between, attaining your dream physique can be simple. By utilizing a qualitative and methodical approach. I will provide you with the most optimized training and diet to get you to your desired physique. 

It’s a tried and tested method which has returned consistent results. 

I’ve often pondered how I can help more people meet their fitness goals both within Korea and beyond its shores. And the answer has been for me to provide online coaching to everyone, everywhere. 

What are your fitness goals? 
Diet? Gaining mass? 
With my years of experience, I’m prepped and ready to help guide you on your journey. 



Personal Training

The coaching process is as follows.

Assess > Plan > Adhere

I will first assess your physical condition, day to day schedule, as well as fitness goals. After which I will tailor a custom exercise regimen, and diet plan to fit your routine. 

As a client, we will schedule weekly checks to ensure that you’re adhering to the plan. It’s only with reinforcing positive behavior and improving eating habits, leads to the greatest gains in physique.


I am currently in Seoul, South Korea.

4 week


$ 150
  • Custom meal plan
  • Exercise schedule
  • Weekly check-ins for 4 weeks

8 week


$ 250
  • Custom meal plan
  • Exercise schedule
  • Weekly check-ins for 8 weeks

12 week


$ 350
  • Custom meal plan
  • Exercise schedule
  • Weekly check-ins for 12 weeks

All above plans include personal counselling with me.

What People Say About Me

Kim Yong Kyu really knows his stuff, the diet and workout plan he provided was very clear & concise. I feel that it would be easy to follow.


Marketing Exec with a MNC